A Dozen Roses

I got a dozen roses from a friend the other day
But I only have one left, for I gave them all away.

I gave one to my sister, who to me is very dear
In the hopes that it will bring to her a little floral cheer

I took one to a friend who's not feeling very well
The flower or the visit, which helped more I could not tell.

The rest went to the ones who've helped me in so many ways
They have been a cheerful presence on my dreariest of days.

The roses were so pretty, I just could not keep them all
Except one single rosebud, standing beautiful and tall.

My friend gave me the flowers to help brighten up my day
But the biggest joy I received was giving them away.

- Author Unknown -

Life isn't waiting for the storm to pass.  Its about learning how to dance in the rain.