My Mother, My Gem

My mother, my gem, what beauty she holds
Her worth is far greater than rubies or gold.
She was created by God and sent from above
And the first gem she gives me is the gemstone of LOVE.

A love unconditional, she loves at all time
Her love never fails me for, you see, it's sublime.
The second gem she gives me is GUIDANCE each day
As she follows the Lord and shows me the way.

He gave her the knowledge through His Holy Birth
To pass on to me for survival on earth.
But the ultimate goal at the end of her miles
Is to hear her God say, "Well done, my child."

Then came the third gem God gave with no price
And with His great wisdom came the gem of SACRIFICE.
A Mother who's true to God's Holy Word
Will lay down her life and not a sigh will be heard.

She will give all she owns and never ask why
To keep safe those God loaned her from heaven on high.
Next comes the fourth gem, and she will walk through the fire
To give all that is needed to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE.

Whatever my task or the choices I make
She'll help me get through with fewer mistakes.
She fears the Lord and for this she is praised
And her faith will be rewarded at the end of her days.

Then comes the fifth gem of COURAGE, not fear
She teaches me to listen just so I may hear.
I have Satan to battle every minute of each day
But God is the answer if I'll follow His way.

She is always there, be it day or night
To build up my courage and teach me what's right.
Many women do noble things, but she surpasses them all
When, as a Mother, she listens and responds to God's call.

Last but not least is the gemstone of PRAYER
She spends hours on her knees to keep me safe in His care.
She teaches me daily that life's trials can be long
But if I'll have faith God will help me be strong.

She can be soft and tender but tough when it's time
For she loves me unselfishly and her love is entwined
Around the heart of God and then back to me
For she gives me her love unconditionally.

She is my Mother, my Gemstone, so precious and rare
And I'm so thankful God placed me safe in her care.

Written and Copyright © 2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey
Used with Permission -- Thanks Loretta!

Life isn't waiting for the storm to pass.  Its about learning how to dance in the rain.