What to Give Up for Lent

Give up watching television one evening a week
Visit some lonely or sick person instead

Give up looking at other people’s worst points
Concentrate on their strong points and positive attributes

Give up speaking unkindly
Let your speech be generous and understanding

Give up your worries
Trust God with your problems and frustrations

Give up hatred or dislike of anyone
Learn to love instead

Give up the fear which presents Christian witness
Seek courage to speak about your faith with others

Give up spending so much time with newspapers and magazines
Use some of that time to study your Bible

Give up grumbling
Learn to give thanks in everything

Give up ten to fifteen minutes each day
Use that time in prayer

Give up buying anything but essentials for yourself
Give that money to God’s work or someone in need

Give up judging by appearance and by the standards of the world
Learn to give up yourself to God

- Author Unknown -

Life isn't waiting for the storm to pass.  Its about learning how to dance in the rain.